Our values make the difference in the dairy market.

• Numidia is transparent and has an open and direct culture. We are down to earth and we practice what we preach.
Reliability is our main driver: we keep our promises.
• We have authentic people who can make the difference for our suppliers and customers.
They are entrepreneurial and can take most decisions themselves.
Besides that: our directors are part of the commercial team, which gives you speed and flexibility.
• We are enthusiastic about our work, our business relations, our colleagues and we strive for long term relationships.


We believe that everyone worldwide should be able to enjoy the benefits and taste of quality dairy products. We see it as our task to contribute in making that happen.


Numidia wants to be the best and most successful supplier of standard dairy products in the world for the food and feed market.

We add value (commercial, logistic, financial and administrative) for our suppliers and customers, with whom we want to establish a long term relationship.

“Our people make the difference”


With the Numidia Charity Foundation our aim is to help the poorest children in the world. With product, with projects and with money.


We care about the environment and see it as our obligation to reduce the carbon footprint of our business. We are not only looking at our own company, but we also encourage all our suppliers to join us in making this happen.

Do you have any questions, don’t hesitate and call now:

(NL) +31 475 729 100

(SG) +65 6493 7015

(UY) +598 2626 2649

(AU) +61 383 623 199

(USA) +1 972 818 5152